What? Oh, you mean what's with the extra step?
     Ah yes, the automated Flash Player Detector that I was using has ceased to function properly with the newer browsers, and I haven't managed to convince it otherwise. Thusly, in a fit of pique and frustration, I've given it an indefinite hiatus in favour of the organic variety -- namely, you. If you have a Flash player installed -- version 5 or greater should work fine -- click the Flash Enabled link and what little Flash content is available (mostly the front page, "TheGameTheGame" and Grymm.TV if you so choose) will be presented. If not, or you're not certain, click the No Flash link and you'll get a more basic front-end, but you'll still get access to the images and other content available. Look at that, now you're a part of my website, a vital component in a cybernetic organism! A proud moment indeed!

     In the meantime I get to play around with a new websketch every once in a while to switch up the 'detector' page... so if it changes on you, don't be alarmed, the clicky bits will still do what they're meant to.

Want a Flash Player plug-in? Get it here.

Oh alright, back to the Detector Page.
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